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Icarus Metro #1 Version A


Icarus Metro, set in the year 2023, follows the story of the paladins after the events of "Juice: Paranormal Adventures". This story follows the heroes of the Icarus Metro City Area as they fight to take down a criminal syndicate planning to overrun the city with chaos. 

The Icarus Universe sets place on an alternate version of earth where technology is extremely advanced, aliens and other mythical beings and creatures exist, and the paranormal is just another thing of nature. Individuals with paranormal powers, called parahumans, gained their powers from the paranormal dimension where the celestials reign from genetics or paranormal events causing a change in them. Whether or not you are Human, Alien, Beast, or Paranormal, there’s always an adventure for each life.


Icarus Metro #1 (Donny Gandukasuma Cover)

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